Term 3

From Monday 11th June to Saturday 18th August 2018

(10 weeks)

Term 4

From Monday 20th August to Saturday 27th October 2018

(10 weeks)

No experience necessary. Beginners classes are open to everyone.

Monday6:00pmBeginners one hour class
Thursday10:00amRestorative with Pranayama
Saturday8:00amBeginners 80 minute class

Our Classes

Beginners Class

Beginner classes are where you learn the foundations of an Iyengar yoga practice.

You will learn to strengthen your legs and spine while beginning to understand the principles of postural alignment in relation to your body.

Shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) is introduced in these classes for those students who attend regularly.

Monday night is a one hour class and Saturday morning is 90 minutes.


Developing Class

If you already have a yoga practice then this class is for you!

In the developing class you will work on deepening your understanding of a range of poses including headstand and shoulder stand. Each term you will work with a different asana focus and develop your understanding of a range of yoga principles.

These classes are 90 minutes.

Restorative with Pranayama

In this class you will experience postures which help to quieten the mind and restore the body. This process allows the body to open and release, relieving pressure.

In the last 30 minutes of  the class you will transition into the breath work, using the restful state of the body to take the focus towards the way we bring energy into our body and how we can improve the process.

These classes are 90 minutes.


Once you have selected a class from the timetable you can choose from a range of payment options . We run classes in a term structure, allowing the integration and development of certain themes during the term.

Casual Payment - $18 per class
Monday night one hour beginners class $15

Five Class Card - $75 ($15 per class).
These can be purchased anytime online through the Pre-pay Yoga Classes tab or in person before class. If you purchase online you will receive your card when you come to your first class.
Term Payment - 1,2 or unlimited classes per week.
These can be purchased through the Pre-pay Yoga Classes tab or in person before class. Please note that this is only available up to the end of week one of  term
Private Class - these start at $100 for up to 6 people at the yoga centre.
If you would like a teacher to come to you please contact us.
Private consultation - $80 per hour.
In this individual session specific needs are addressed such as injuries, medical conditions or issues within the body. Asanas and pranayama are sequenced and modified to allow the student to benefit from a regular practise. Some background information will be required prior to session. Please contact us to arrange an appointment at the centre.



A few points to note before coming to class

Pregnancy: This is not the best time to start an Iyengar Yoga Practice. There is so much going on within a pregnant body that it is really best if the teacher knows and understands the mothers practise before attempting to modify it for the pregnancy.

However, if you are currently attending classes at Busselton Yoga Centre we encourage you to continue to attend throughout your pregnancy.  The teacher will support you to make the necessary modifications to your practice to keep you and your baby safe and supported.

Your Health: Please let the teacher know before class if you have any medical conditions or injuries, are menstruating or have any other matters that may affect your practise. It is important for us to ensure that you practise postures which encourage the correct positioning of the skeletal body and optimise your overall health. If you have a specific need such as medical condition or injury that prevents you attending a general class, please contact us to arrange a private assessment.

Yoga asanas are  best to practised on an empty stomach so try not to eat at least 2 hours before class.

Further reading

If you are still unsure about the effects of yoga check out this link to the American Iyengar Association showing scientific evidence on the therapeutic efficacy of Iyengar Yoga.