115 Strelly Street, Busselton, WA, Australia

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Busselton Yoga Centre is a dedicated Iyengar Yoga space, near Bunnings in Strelly Street Busselton Western Australia.

Teaching in the tradition of BKS Iyengar, and based on the Yoga Sutras of Patangali, Busselton Yoga provides an environment to learn asana and pranayama at a pace that meets your experience.  We offer beginner classes, classes for those developing their practise and also classes for those who have an established practise and want to deepen their experience.

At Busselton yoga, teachers use their deep knowledge and professional experience of the asanas to individualise corrections for each student. Students are observed during their practise and if necessary adjusted.

Each class ends with Savasana, or deep relaxation where you learn to rest in a profound way, completely releasing the body while drawing the mind inward.

If you have been thinking about beginning a yoga practice but have specific needs such as an injury or medical condition, Busselton Yoga offers personal consultation and sequencing to meet your needs through a private class. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Day Time Yoga Level
Monday 6:00pm Beginners one hour class

Weekend yoga classes at Busselton Yoga Centre

Please note that weekend yoga classes have now changed.   The 8am Beginners Class finishes at 9.20am so the Developing Class can start at 9.30am....
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  The ancient books have called Sirsasana the king of all asanas and the reasons are not hard to find. When we are born, normally the head comes out first and then the limbs.  The skull encases the brain, which controls the nervous system and organs of sense....
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